Poh Yong Tiles Industries Sdn Bhd, established since 1977 and has become a “Trusted Name In Concrete Products” throughout Sarawak and Sabah.

Poh Yong Pile (PYP) is well known for its high quality R/C concrete jacking pipes which are manufactured under stringent quality control and workmanship.

Our team of highly skilled and professional staff ensures conformity and consistent products and emphasis on excellent services to our customers, especially the Kuching Centralized Wastewater Management System for Kuching City Centre and the Miri Centralized Wastewater Management System.

Small Jacking Pipe

 1. 225mm x 2.0m
 2. 300mm x 2.0m
 3. 450mm x 2.0m
 4. 600mm x 2.0m
 5. 750mm x 2.5m

Big Diameter Jacking Pipe

 1. 1200mm x 3m
 2. 1500mm x 3m
 3. 1800mm x 3m

Chamber Ring

 1.   1200mm x 0.3m
 2.   1200mm x 0.6m
 3.   1200mm x 0.9m
 4.   1200mm x 0.9m - 3 outlets    
 5.   1200mm x 1.2m
 6.   1500mm x 0.3m
 7.   1500mm x 0.6m
 8.   1500mm x 1.2m
 9.   1800mm x 0.6m
 10. 1800mm x 0.9m
 11. 1800mm x 1.2m

Manhole Base Slab

 1. 1600mm x 0.4m

Manhole Cover Slab

 1. 1200mm x 0.25m
 2. 1500mm x 0.25m
 3. 1800mm x 0.3m